Petrol price decreased by Rs3.05 per litre

The central government on Sunday diminished the petroleum cost by Rs3.05 yet expanded the cost of diesel by Rs8.95 for the following fortnight.

The Finance Division, in its notice, expressed that considering the vacillations in petrol costs in the worldwide market and swapping scale variety, the public authority has chosen to update the current costs of oil based goods to give the effect on the purchasers



The new prices will be effective from August 1, 2022…….

Product Current price New price
w.e.f August 1
MS (Petrol)  230.33 227.19 -3.05
High-Speed Diesel  230 244.95 +8.95
Kerosene  196 201.07 +4.62
Light Diesel Oil  191.44 191.32 -0.12



Following the progressions in the costs, petroleum will presently be accessible for Rs227.19 per liter. Beforehand, petroleum was being sold for Rs230.34 per liter.

In the mean time, there has been an increment of Rs8.95 in the cost of fast diesel, after which the new cost will remain at Rs244.95 per liter.

Then again, lamp fuel oil, which was already accessible for Rs196.45 per liter, will currently be sold for Rs201.07 per liter following an increment of Rs4.62.

Light diesel oil enrolled a slight decline of Rs0.12, after which it will be sold for Rs191.32 per liter as against the past pace of Rs191.44 per liter

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