ECP, in unanimous decision, PTI received prohibited fnds

SLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan, in a consistent decision on Tuesday, said it has found that the PTI got denied financing.

The case was before alluded to as the “unfamiliar financing” case, yet later the political race commission acknowledged the PTI’s request to allude to it as the “restricted subsidizing” case.

The commission observed that gifts were taken from America, Australia, Canada and the UAE.

PTI got assets from 34 people and 351 organizations including organizations, the ECP decision states.

Thirteen obscure records have likewise become visible, said the commission in the decision, adding that concealing records are a “infringement” of Article 17 of the Constitution.

Article 17 (2) of the Constitution states: “…law will give that where the Federal Government proclaims that any ideological group has been shaped or is working in a way biased to the sway or trustworthiness of Pakistan, the Federal Government will, in the span of fifteen days of such statement, allude the make a difference to the Supreme Court whose choice on such reference will be conclusive.”

Article 17 (3) expresses: “Each ideological group will represent the wellspring of its supports as per the law.

Donations from ‘prohibited’ sources

S No Donors Amount
1 Funds transferred from UAE-based company (Wootton Cricket Limited) .. $2,151,500
2 Bristol engineering services FZ LLC Dubai…. $49,965
3 E planet Trustees… $100,000
4 SS Marketing…. $1,741
5 Funds collected through LLC-5975 donations and contributions and transmitted to PTI.. $1,976,500
6 PTI Canada Corporation #4451121… $279,822
7  Romita Shetty (Singapore).. $13,750
8 Funds collected through LLC-6160 donations and contributions and transmitted to PTI… $549,000
Total dollars.. $5,122,278
9 Rs504,250
10 Anwar Brothers … Rs78,000
11 Zain Cotton  Ltd.. Rs10,000
12 M/s Young Sports .. Rs97,500
13 Amount received in 13 accounts (11 unknown, 2 not pertain) as per PTI during 2008-2013… Rs215,787,718
14 PTI Canada Corporation #4451121 (Pak rupees)… Rs3,581,186
Total rupees… Rs215,787,718

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