PTI, Punjab govt at odds over Gill’s issue

ISLAMABAD; Previous head of the state and PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Punjab Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi met on the issue of PTI pioneer Shahbaz Gill


It is to be noticed that IG Prisons has made it clear to the PTI pioneers who reached him that Prisons Department will help out the central government with respect to Shahbaz Gill’s clinical exam, generally the division ought to be given guidelines from the Punjab boss clergyman on the grounds that Pervaiz Elahi is the approved individual in such manner.

According to subtleties, PTI pioneers and IG Prisons Mirza Shahid Saleem had a trade of cruel words on the issue of moving Shahbaz Gill to their preferred emergency clinic.

Government sources guaranteed that Fawad Chaudhry, Hammad Azhar and Hafiz Hayat reached Punjab Prisons IG for Imran Khan and educated him not to help out the national government as to Shahbaz Gill and shift him to the clinic to which he is alluding. In any case, IG Prisons told PTI pioneers that Shahbaz Gill has been pronounced a blamed by the central government and he has no power to meddle in Gill’s matter as it will be infringement of regulation.

According to sources, PTI pioneers could have done without IG’s reaction and got irritated however IG Prisons clarified that he was unable to follow unlawful request. The PTI pioneers said that he shouldn’t show them regulation and adhere to their directions as it would be better for him.

At this, IG Prisons said that PTI pioneers ought to contact Punjab CM and he ought not be compelled to doing things like this. Punjab CM Pervaiz Elahi and PTI executive Imran Khan and different pioneers are not in total agreement on Shahbaz Gill’s issue.

At the point when PTI pioneer Fawad Chaudhry was reached in such manner, he said that he doesn’t know about such a gathering as he and Hammad Azhar don’t have any idea who IG Prisons is. He denied any discussion with IP Prisons on Shahbaz Gill’s issue.

In the mean time, sources said previous state leader and PTI Chairman Imran Khan called Punjab Home Additional Secretary Capt (R) Asad, cruelly advising him to move PTI’s Shahbaz Gill to an administration clinic in Rawalpindi rather than PIMS, Islamabad. Imran cautioned Capt (R) Asad of outcomes in the event that Gill was not moved, sources added.

He additionally blamed the Punjab Home Department official for taking requests from knowledge organizations. ACS Capt (R) Asad informed the PTI executive that Gill can’t be moved to Rawalpindi emergency clinic as he is a government detainee and the territory can fail to address it. Prior, PTI’s office carriers Hammad Azhar, Fawad Ch, Col (R) Hashim Dogar and Hafiz Farhat went to extra Secretary Home Punjab Capt (R) Asad and requested moving PTI’s Shahbaz Gill to an administration clinic in Rawalpindi rather than PIMS Islamabad. The official said it was impractical under rules and guidelines.

The IGP Punjab likewise accelerated PTI’s position with the home division extra secretary. Additionally, PTI pioneers including Fawad Ch likewise compromised IG Prisons, DIG Prisons and Aidala Jail director of terminating them for their non-participation in Shahbaz Gill case.

Noticeable lawful master Hamid Khan told Geo News program ‘Capital Talk’ have Hamid Mir that Shahbaz Gill’s issue should be permitted to continue as an ordinary preliminary. Hamid Khan said it is profoundly ill-advised of Imran Khan to meddle in the common government’s undertakings and compromise officials of the commonplace government as the territories are independent. PMLQ’s Kamil Ali Agha said the central government shouldn’t meddle in commonplace government undertakings and regard its independence.

Answering Hamid Mir’s inquiry in the event that Shahbaz Gill can represent a danger to Imran Khan assuming he is taken to PIMS Hospital, Hamid Khan denied Imran’s head of staff could be of any danger to the PTI executive, yet there is compelling reason need to bulge the issue out of extents by the central government and the Punjab government. Concerning to the clinic, Hamid Khan said Gill can be conceded anyplace he feels good. Answering the inquiry PMLN’s Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha said Imran Khan is attempting to get Gill far from government purview.

In the mean time, Punjab Police representative rejected that PTI pioneers reached Punjab IGP over Shahbaz Gill’s case. He dismissed Hamid Mir’s affirmation and clarified that Punjab IGP had no contact with any PTI pioneer. Punjab Police representative further said that Punjab Police don’t have anything to do with Gill’s case as it involves Islamabad police, legal executive and Prisons Department.

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