Ignoring Indian protest, US notifies Congress of Pakistan’s F-16

WASHINGTON: In a major accomplishment on the discretionary front for Pakistan, US President Joe Biden’s organization has told Congress of a proposed unfamiliar military deal esteemed at $450 million for upkeep and sustainment administrations for the Pakistani Flying corps’ F-16 program and put away “serious areas of strength for the” raised by the Narendra Modi-drove Indian government.

Last week, the US Protection Security Collaboration Organization (DSCA) conveyed the necessary confirmation of this conceivable deal, irritated India who raised the matter during gatherings with US official Donald Lu in New Delhi, as per a report by The Hindu.



The distribution expressed that the Indian Service of Outer Undertakings “dissented” against the offer of extras of the fly to Pakistan regardless of the DSCA’s explanation that “the proposed deal incorporates no new capacities, weapons, or weapons” and it “won’t modify the fundamental military equilibrium in the area”.

While answering an inquiry in such manner, US State Division Representative Ned Cost said Tuesday, “all things considered, we did as of late tell Congress of a proposed unfamiliar military deal esteemed at $450 million for support and sustainment administrations for the Pakistani Flying corps’ F-16 program.”

The US official focused on that Pakistan is a significant accomplice in various respects and a significant counterterrorism accomplice.

“Furthermore, as a component of our longstanding strategy, we give life cycle upkeep and sustainment bundles for US-beginning stages,” he said.

“Pakistan’s F-16 program, it’s a significant piece of the more extensive US-Pakistan two-sided relationship, and this proposed deal will support Pakistan’s capacity to meet current and future counterterrorism dangers by keeping up with the F-16 armada. This is an armada that permits Pakistan to help counterterrorism tasks, and we expect Pakistan will make a supported move against all psychological oppressor gatherings.”


Flood devastation

When requested to remark on the obliteration brought about by the floods, Cost said, “we are profoundly disheartened by the demolition and by the death toll all through Pakistan that these noteworthy floods have caused. We stand with individuals of Pakistan at this troublesome time”.

He expressed that as of September 12, a sum of nine US Headquarters flights conveyed the greater part of the 630 metric lots of alleviation supplies from USAID’s Dubai distribution center for the reaction to these huge floods.

“Altogether, CENTCOM will transport in excess of 41,000 kitchen sets, 1,500 rolls of plastic sheeting, a huge number of plastic coverings, 8,700 haven fixing units — all on the side of USAID’s flood help.”

In this monetary year alone, we’ve given more than $53 million in helpful help, including direly required help for food, nourishment, multipurpose money, safe drinking water, sustenance, disinfection and cleanliness, as well as haven help. We will keep on working intimately with our Pakistani accomplices to keep on surveying the harm that has been fashioned by these floods, and we’ll keep on giving help to our accomplices in this period of scarcity.”

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