Shahbaz shareef winds up SCO meeting on ‘satisfactory note’

State leader Shehbaz Sharif on Friday took off from Samarkand on a “palatable note” after the consummation of his two-day visit to Uzbekistan to go to the Shanghai Collaboration Association’s (SCO) Board of Head of States (CHS) meeting.

Following the finish of his visit to Uzbekistan, the chief tweeted about the realization of his visit, where he met heads of the part states.


“Leaving Samarkand on a satisfactory note. There is now a renewed awareness about the potent threat of climate change. SCO countries understand it is capable of reversing all our material development and pushing us backward by decades. All the more reason for a united front,” PM Shehbaz tweeted after completing his trip for the high-level meeting.

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PM Shahbaz urges to ‘build a wall’ against climate change

Recently, PM Shahbaz approached the Shanghai Collaboration Association’s (SCO) part states to “fabricate a wall” against environmental change as Pakistan manages flood pulverization set off by heavy rains that have impacted more than 30 million individuals and killed north of 1,500.

The state head made the allure while tending to the SCO’s Board of Heads of State (CHS) today as he discussed the climate, harmony and security in Afghanistan and monetary coordination among the countries.

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PM Shehbaz, alongside heads of the eight-part SCO, went to the nearby organization Chamber of Heads of States meeting at the Congress Community, where he was invited by Leader of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Indian Top state leader Narendra Modi likewise went to the meeting.

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Talking about the obliteration brought about by the floods, the Pakistani chief said that the nation is taking care of environmental change.

“The staggering floods in Pakistan are without a doubt environmental change-prompted. It is the aftereffect of environmental change, cloud explosions, and extraordinary downpours, joined with slope deluges descending. This set up makes Pakistan seem to be an ocean of water,” the PM said.

Focusing on that he has “never seen this sort of annihilation” previously, he said that the SCO ought to design well for the approaching ages.

PM Shehbaz said the disaster has harmed houses as well as cleaned out crops. He said individuals are also confronting illnesses in the flood-hit regions. He communicated the expectation that the nation will defeat what is going on.

The state head additionally offered thanks to individuals from the SCO who upheld Pakistan in this hour of need.

Afghanistan imbroglio

Featuring Pakistan’s position and viewpoint on provincial participation, especially considering arising worldwide difficulties, the head forewarned against leaving Afghanistan once more.

“Pakistan is an adjoining nation of Afghanistan, and harmony in Afghanistan will guarantee harmony in Pakistan,” he told the culmination, adding that “it will be a serious mix-up assuming we disregard Afghanistan this time around”.

The state leader said the world requirements to work by and large to help all great drives in Afghanistan for its kin.

PM Shehbaz said reinforcing Afghanistan in the security and counter-psychological warfare space ought to run lined up with SCO’s help to the Afghan nation in the financial fields.

The state leader encouraged the worldwide local area to help endeavors to fabricate a manageable Afghan economy and thaw its monetary resources.

PM Shehbaz said Pakistan has been a survivor of psychological warfare itself and the nation has paid enormous penances in overcoming psychological warfare.

He encouraged the individuals from the SCO to hold hands together in battling against the hazard of psychological oppression, radicalism and dissent.

He likewise reaffirmed major areas of strength for Pakistan in propelling the goals of the SCO

Gas talks with Putin

Uninvolved of the SCO culmination, the head of the state met Russian President Vladimir Putin, where the North-South gas pipeline went under conversation.

The Russian president said that a pipeline for gas supply to Pakistan is conceivable, and that piece of the fundamental framework is as of now set up.

President Putin said that he was more than happy to meet PM Shehbaz as he had a warm memory of his functioning gatherings with his sibling (Nawaz Sharif), with whom he met uninvolved of SCO gatherings in Kazakhstan and Bashkiria, Russia.

Putin said that he might want to take note of that he sees Pakistan as really important accomplice in Southeast Asia and Asia all in all. Relations between the two nations are growing totally decidedly, and he is satisfied about that, he said.

“I might want to start our gathering by communicating sympathies over the death toll from catastrophic events, the remarkable flooding in Pakistan. As far as it matters for us, we will help your kin. We have dispatched the vital philanthropic guide there, and we are prepared to assist you with arranging help to the flood casualties,” President Putin said.


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