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LIVE updates, day 6: Imran rehashes mantra against defilement, expansion, alliance govt

PTI Director Imran Khan is driving the long walk toward Islamabad with party pioneer Asad Umar sharing that Khan will presently arrive at Rawalpindi by November 10 and convoys from everywhere Pakistan will arrive at Islamabad on November 11.

Prior, the arrangement was to arrive at the government capital by November 4.


The party and the public authority, in the interim, are currently in constant disagreement.

This is the PTI seat’s second walk towards Islamabad after he was removed by means of a no-certainty movement recently.

The political shakiness in Pakistan has likewise fuelled financial vulnerability, with worldwide rating organizations addressing in the event that the ongoing government can keep up with troublesome monetary strategies notwithstanding political strain and approaching decisions.


7:12pm — ‘Tales are being spread by a few political pioneers against Islamabad Police’

4:02pm — PTI pioneer meets party’s Faisalabad section for walk arrangements\

3:15pm — ‘Non-arrangement of equity most concerning issue’, says Imran Khan

Tending to the members on the beginning of the 6th day, PTI Executive Imran Khan expressed that there is no advancement in a general public till there is equity.

“Non-arrangement of equity is our most serious issue,” said the PTI boss. He added that Top state leader Shehbaz Sharif was set to be condemned in the Rs16 billion defilement case.

“Quite a while back, Pakistan was growing quickly. Our nation can’t foster except if there is equity,” said the PTI boss.

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