'We never traded precious stone MasterGraff,' explains Styleoutwatches

The Styleoutwatches on Friday completely dismissed reports about the Toshakhana gifts including previous state head Imran Khan, saying that never traded the Graff Mecca Guide jewel MasterGraff Tourbillon minute repeater wristwatch.

'We never traded precious stone MasterGraff,' explains Styleoutwatches
‘We never traded precious stone MasterGraff,’ explains Styleoutwatches


In an official statement, Styleoutwatches said: “We guarantee that we never traded the Graff Mecca Guide jewel MasterGraff Tourbillon minute repeater watch alongside precious stone sleeve buttons and round jewels gent’s ring, as well as rose gold pen set with precious stones to any individual.”

The organization said that it has become obvious through different public and media sources that their checked lnstagram page (styleoutwatches) is being utilized politically on different web-based entertainment and public posts.

“We were moved toward by undisclosed individual, to showcase this watch utilizing our Instagram page,” Styleoutwatches said in an explanation, adding that later, notwithstanding, they were informed that this watch has previously been sold by an outsider.

“Any data about the watch being sold for USD250,000 are erroneous and ridiculous,” explained the organization.

The assertion further said that they repudiated all responsibility towards selling the watch set.

The organization said that they claim all authority to sue and make a lawful move against anybody utilizing their name and their image to sell and market the watch.

“We need to explain something since there is a great deal of media publicity and political issues happening about a specific watch,” he said.

He kept up with that they didn’t sell MasterGraff Tourbillon minute repeater watch that Imran Khan had taken from the Toshakhana.

“What we did is we got it for advancement and showcasing reasons,” he said, adding that they took the watch from an undisclosed individual, made the photos and posted it via virtual entertainment to make consideration and publicity in 2019.

“Then, at that point, we returned the watch to the individual and whatever occurred previously or later, we don’t have the foggiest idea,” he explained. He mentioned individuals to keep them out of the matter.

The assertion by the organization came after bits of hearsay were circling via web-based entertainment that Styleoutwatches had sold the watch for 250k USD in 2019.

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