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Islamabad-Moscow talks: Pakistan looks for Russian unrefined at 30-40pc rebate

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s designation requested a 30-40 percent rebate on Russian raw petroleum during talks in Moscow on Wednesday. Yet, the Russian side said it couldn’t offer anything right now as all volumes were committed, n news

Islamabad-Moscow talks: Pakistan looks for Russian unrefined at 30-40pc rebate


Pakistan was addressed by State Priest for Petrol Musadik Malik during the discussions held in Moscow. Secretary Petrol Capt (retd) Muhammad Mahmood, Joint Secretary and authorities of the Pakistan Consulate in Moscow went with the state serve.

The discussions finished with no relevant end except for the Russian side vowed to think about the interest of Pakistan and to share its psyche later on through conciliatory channels.

Nonetheless, the sources said that Russia can offer unrefined at the rates it is giving to its enormous client nations, which are solid and sound economies, at a reasonable time. The present moment all volumes are committed with large purchasers, they said.

The Russian side asked Pakistan to initially respect its obligation to the leader task of Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline to be set down from Karachi to Lahore, Punjab. The Pakistan side during the discussions referenced its longing to change the model of PSGP project. The Russian side said that the model of the venture under GtG plan has previously been settled and just a few provisos of the shareholding arrangement were at this point to be finished.

Pakistan’s true designation left for Moscow on November 29 on a three-day visit for chats with the Russian specialists to investigate conceivable outcomes of import of unrefined petroleum at a limited value, method of installment and shipment cost. As per modern service sources, Russian raw petroleum can be handled in Pakistan’s treatment facilities, and in the beyond one confidential processing plant had utilized Russian unrefined petroleum and made completed items out of it.

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