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Elahi quits being Punjab CM naturally, says Rana Sanaullah

Elahi quits being Punjab CM naturally, says Rana Sanaullah

Inside Pastor Rana Sanaullah on Thursday said Punjab Boss Priest Chaudhry Parvez Elahi no longer holds the seat of the common CEO naturally.

The emergency in Punjab is extending as the decision alliance in the Middle has chosen to de-tell Elahi as the central clergyman.



Punjab Lead representative Baligh-ur-Rehman had brought a meeting yesterday at 4pm for a demonstration of positive support relating to Elahi as the CM.

In any case, resisting the mandates, the speaker — a PTI part — had named the request against the constitution and concluded a continuous meeting till Friday.

Prior, Sanaullah undermined that the Punjab lead representative would give a statement at 4pm to eliminate the main pastor from office, however it didn’t emerge.

“Unavoidably, Parvez Elahi is not any more the Punjab CM. He didn’t look for a demonstration of positive support yesterday,” the inside serve said.

He said that the public authority has made all game plans to manage what is going on assuming viciousness or defacement unfurls today.

Sanaullah precluded the presence of “any political emergency”.

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“There is no political emergency.  A gathering meeting will be required the appointment of the new boss priest,” said Sanaullah — who is additionally the PML-N’s common boss. He added that when the lead representative will pass orders, they will be executed.

“The lead representative has the established right to de-advise the main priest. At the point when the lead representative goes about according to the Constitution, there is no doubt of Article 6,” said the clergyman.

On PTI’s case that the president will eliminate Baligh Ur Rehman, the inside serve said that the president needs to follow the sets of the state head.

“Eliminating a lead representative is outlandish, the president couldn’t in fact eliminate the honey bee sitting on his head without taking the state leader’s recommendation,” said Sanaullah. That’s what he added assuming the PTI doesn’t joke around about dissolving the congregations, they might have finished the marks on December 17 and carried out that.

On the notice of Elahi’s evacuation, Sanaullah said, as he would see it, the lead representative’s requests ought to be given today. He added that the lead representative should give a timetable for the new CM’s political decision.

On an inquiry concerning the PML-N’s possibility for the new boss clergyman, the inside serve said that Hamza Shahbaz is the party’s parliamentary innovator in the Punjab Gathering and he ought to be their up-and-comer.  In any case, he added that the PML-N has not thought about anybody for the new boss pastor.

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