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Toshakhana case: Imran Khan on his way to Islamabad to appear in court today

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: A lower court in the government capital will in no time take up the Toshakhana body of evidence against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Director (PTI) Imran Khan in the midst of high-security alert in and around the Bureaucratic Legal Complex in G-11.

Prior, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Director (PTI) Imran Khan left for Islamabad from his Zaman Park home in Lahore to show up under the steady gaze of a court in the Toshakhana case today.

In front of Imran Khan’s landing in Islamabad’s Legal Mind boggling, the region has been placed on high security to guarantee the rule of law and keep away from any inappropriate circumstances — as happened the month before.

In the mean time, the PTI boss, who is in transit to Islamabad right currently has tweeted: “It is presently evident that, regardless of my having gotten bail in the entirety of my cases, the PDM govt expects to capture me. In spite of knowing their malafide aims, I’m continuing to Islamabad and the court bec I put stock in law and order. Yet, sick goal of this secrecy of convicts shd be obvious to all.”

“It is likewise clear now that the whole attack of Lahore was not tied in with guaranteeing I show up under the watchful eye of the court for a situation however was planned to bring me away to jail so I can’t lead our political race,” he said in another tweet

In a similar string, he added: “In the mean time Punjab police have driven an attack on my home in Zaman Park where Bushra Begum is separated from everyone else. Under the thing regulation would they say they are doing this? This is important for London Plan where responsibilities were made to carry absconder Nawaz Sharif to control as renumeration for consenting to one arrangement.”


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