Strawberries are a flexible natural product. Individuals can eat them crude or add them to breakfast oats or yogurt, mix them into a smoothie, or make them into jam.

Utilize the juice of a lemon to enhance drinking water or press over a serving of mixed greens or fish. Have a go at adding lemon juice to bubbling water with a teaspoon of honey to assist with calming an irritated throat. Eating the skin of natural lemons is additionally conceivable. Certain individuals utilize the skin in recipes.

The accompanying segments make sense of a portion of the conceivable medical advantages of bananas. The sustenance data comes from the US Branch of Agribusiness’ (USDA) FoodData Focal databaseTrusted Source. Day to day prerequisites are from the 2015-2020 Dietary Rules for AmericansTrusted Source. These are for grown-ups, however they are estimated, as the qualities differ as indicated by an individual’s age and sex.